'Toolbox', 'Product', OAuth

Hello, I am looking forward to trying some of the new stuff you pushed in production on the platform, in particular ‘Toolbox’, ‘Product’, and the OAuth integration. But I hardly can find any tutorial or in depth documentation for these. Is there some resources I can look at to get a start?


Hi @tomastik

For the Product feature you can check out the official doc: PRODUCTS - Thinger.io Documentation

For Oauth2 Clients integrations we currently don’t have documentation, but you can find an example image on this post: Platform Version 3.4.0
The main point of this feature is to enable third-party applications (like Alexa, Google Home, or other apps) to access Thinger.io resources without requiring users to share their credentials directly with those third-party apps. Let us know what you are looking for in this feature and we will gladly help you in this thread.

And finally, Toolbox is just a container for other features that we will be adding in the future. Currently we have the Syncs feature, for which you can find a screenshot and a description on this thread: Platform Version 5.0.1

New ‘Syncs’ feature inside the Toolbox section: Semaphores for distributed IoT devices that can be used for bandwidth limiters, access control, max number of devices doing OTA, etc. This feature can be used both from API or IOTMP devices using new lock_sync and unlock_sync methods. Each lock acquires a fixed number of slots if they are available.

In summary, the Syncs feature is designed to provide coordination and synchronization capabilities for distributed IoT devices. You can check out the API at Swagger UI or for your instance: https://<your instance url>/swagger/index.html.

As well as for the Oauth2 Clients let us know your use case and how we can help you.


Thank you Jaime, I will review these links and let you know.

Many thanks