Time Series plots an improvement suggestion

you recently have included the possibility to switch buckets in dashboards.
That could lead to an interesting feature.
I have three buckets MIN, HOUR, DAY sharing a common structure, which are updated accordingly.
Upon switching the bucket, I can change the timebase of the plot.
But unfortunately I only have the possibility to define the plot for a fixed time backwards.
If I could have the possibility to define the plot for a given number of bucket records backwards, the solution would have been perfect.
Maybe that is not difficult to implement?
Of course, if you have a full-fledged timeseries database (Influx or ElasticSearch) under the hood, providing directly the possibility to X-zoom would be paramount.

Alternatively: limiting the number of records plotted anyway would have been useful, else you can end up with a fully overloaded plot.
And automatically suppressing the circles around the data points and the Bezier interpolation e.g. when more than 50 records are plotted would not only make the plot more readable, but also dramatically reduce the server load.

Hi @rin67630, thanks for your feedback, will take a look on it.

However, this problem I think it is solved in the paid tier, as we use InfluxDB under the hood and the charts can use aggregated data, so you can have one chart with data aggregated by day, other by hour, etc., just using a single bucket.

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I did not know that, it is indeed a huge argument to go for the paid tier!
Where is that explained?

But, even in the free variant, limiting the number of records backwards and drawing it in a simpler way, once a limit is reached, should be in your own interest to reduce your server load.

It is mentioned here: https://docs.thinger.io/features/dashboards#time-series-chart

There a much more features awaiting in the paid tier :wink:

Probably we can include it to the community version some day. Now we are using DynamodDB that does not allow data aggregation, but scales better in the wild.

Thank you for that explanation.
Maybe the option to specify a max number of records could be considered, either configurable or even fixed.
Currently you can practically stall a dashboard upon configuring a time series plot over 1 month of minute values. It takes an eternity to execute…
Hard limiting to 1500 steps on the x-axis would IMHO make sense, so 1 day of minute values (1440) would still be doable but not much more.