Time series chart stopped working?

I have data buckets which save data from sensors and I’ve been displaying this data on time series charts however yesterday these charts stopped working even though the data buckets are still recieving the data. Can anyone help??



Is this at the community free server or any private instance?

Using the thinger community server; the values are being received by the data buckets but just not being displayed on th graphs

Hi @Elliot_Hayes-Johnsto, please, PM me with your user account.

Should be working now!

Hi @alvarolb ,

I am also experiencing this issue.
My data bucket is still receiving data, however there are large gaps in my time series graphs.

If I leave the browser window open, new data entries will be displayed.
However if I refresh the page, the gaps in the time series data reappear.

Could you please assist? If so, it would be much appreciated.

EDIT: Prior to this issue, I made a number of widget clones across various tabs.
Perhaps this has been the cause of this issue.

Hi Thinger.io team,

I have now noticed that the time series graphs on our dashboard are lagging exactly 7 hours behind. Other widgets that are configured to display the “latest” value are working as intended. The time series graphs are set to display “relative” values over a 24 hour period.

If I refresh the dashboard, new data is shown but the 7 hour lag remains (along with the
7hr clock symbol).

I have reviewed the dashboard developer code, and found nothing that appeared to be causing the issue. I’ve created a new dashboard, however the error still exists.
I have also attempted to change the profile timezone, thinking that it may be related to the issue, however I receive an error stating " Ooops! Cannot process your request. Error 400 (failed to validate request schema)"

EDIT: I just edited the dashboard again and set the default relative time range to “last 2 days”, but in doing so the lag period has changed from 7 hours to 21 hours. Changing the default relative time range back to “24 hours” changes the lag back to 7 hours. Setting the default relative time range to “12 hours”… fixes the issue!

Could someone please investigate this issue so that 24 hours or even 48 hours default relative time period can be selected without issue? Appreciate your help in advance.

Hi @daze007, can you provide us details about your dashboard? are you using a private server instance or the community version?

Hi @alvarolb,

Thanks for getting back to me.

I am using a community version at this stage.
The dashboard is the only dashboard registered to the user BWalker.
Do you need to know any further details about the dashboard?

FYI - There is currently some connectivity issues with the device that sends data to the data bucket linked to this dashboard. This is a separate issue that I believe is related to local Wi-Fi. Coincidently, the 7hr clock symbol is currently being shown because it’s been 7 hours since the device was last connected. This is not what I was referring to earlier in the thread.

Hi @alvarolb and Thinger team,
Do you require anything further in able to investigate this issue?

Thanks in advance.