Time series Chart disappearing


I’m using thinger with data from LoraWan via a Data buckets.

I can create a widget with time series chart and it works, but the chart can’t be saved and it disappears the next time I open the Dashboard.

I have no problem with the other widgdet, everything works perfectly.

Any idea ?

I think you are feeding the charts from the device directly, and for what you want the chart should be feeded by the bucket, if it is feeded by the device, It won’t save information, when refresh the page will start to build the graphic from new data, consulting directly the device.

Thanks for your reply.
The chart is feeded by the bucket.
I can build the chart with all the fields of the bucket, but with some data, the chart disappears after saving et for other datas, the chart remains. (cf. pic)!

The column named “data” has no numbers to display in a chart, its variable is a string or a character chain O.o

I don’t know if the widget recognizes the json format data and extract the variables from it.

According to thinger.io Hotline, the problem is caused by Lorawan data et could be fixed in a next version of the platform…
Thanks for your help

Cool beans :slight_smile: