Time Chart x axis, can you add dates?

Can the x axis in a time chart be configured to show dates and times?

I currently have a 7 day chart but it only shows times but no dates.



The widget adjusts the axis range automatically, according the time period and the size of the graphic in the dashboard and the screen size.



Hmm, it shows date information when the time period is larger, but then no time, especially not on hovering the data points.

@rin67630 Of course, you need to hover the data point to know the exact timestamp and exact value.

@pkdj It is important to know that the graph will adapt to the available data, you can ask for the data of the last 7 days, but if you only have data from 1 day, the graph will show only the time when there are data points, if there are not data points before the last day, it will not show that time span, you need at least 1 point to show the time span from that point to the last data point, in other words the graph time span is not fixed for display the available data, it is adjusted according to the data available in that period of time to use the graphic area more efficiently.

Hope this helps.

Thank you, makes sense, although it would be nice to be able to configure x and y axis.

Hi, i had the same problem, i already asked fot it to @alvarolb, he said he’s working on it! :wink: hope to get it soon!!

Of course, you need to hover the data point to know the exact timestamp and exact value

Maybe I was not clear. A picture is better:
On Nov17, I have recorded 24 points, which will, upon hovering, all show up with [value] at Nov17.
That is just not useful: showing [value] at 13:00 would have been.

Ohh… I see, yes it would be so appropriate in any case to see the exact value and the whole timestamp.