Thinking of buying a thingerio button

We’re a school looking at purchasing a ThingerIO wifi button WiFi Button - Documentation.

I’d like it to send a HTTP call to an internal device when the button is pushed. I’m just wondering if this device supports that? The internal device will be on the same IP Range/LAN as the button itself.

Thank you

Hello @t3chyphil ,

Thank you very much for your request.

It does! for sure, but note that the standard firmware sends a notification to the platform, and consequently, the platform’s server creates the HTTP call to be sent to a previously specified endpoint. This is interesting because allows the user to custom the HTTP message with ease, and it also allows to communicate devices that are not in the same IP Range.

However, if you make a custom firmware to call the HTTP, it will work and actually it’s going to be so much faster (if latency is an important factor in your project).

We have a lot of stock with black ring and red button, or completely white, so if you are interested don’t hesitate on writing us.


Good afternoon Jorge,

Thank you so much for confirming! I am interested in buying one for the school to test out.

Do you ship to the UK? I’m assuming your US based?

Thank you for your help!

Hello @t3chyphil, I have sent you a MP

best regards