ThingerWifiNINA no connection, possible firmware issue

I have been struggling with getting my Arduino Nano 33 IoT boards connected to the Thinger dashboard.
I’ve got two 1 connects fine, the other one doesn’t, no matter what I try. It isn’t broken because I can connect to the internet using just WifiNINA.
These are the specs:
Arduino IDE 1.8.12 version 2.13.0
WiFiNINA version 1.5.0
SAMD versie 1.8.6
I have finally figured out what the difference is between the two devices. The one that works has WiFiNINA firmware 1.2.3 installed. The one that doesn’t uses WiFiNINA firmware 1.2.4.

From the firmware updater I can only install version 1.2.4 or 1.3.0 and not 1.2.3.
But version 1.2.4 and up seem to be incompatible with ThingerWiFiNINA…

And advice or tips are very welcome. Tnx, Danielle

Hi all,

It now seems that the firmware isn’t the issue. I am just wondering has any here been able to connect two or more Arduino Nano 33 IoT board to the platform? What is your setup regarding OS, Arduino IDE and WifiNINA libraries and firmware?

Thanks very much in advance!