ThingerWebConfig Bug


I am using ThingerWebConfig library and at start it runs perfectly, I can enter all credentials and it is saved to the device. Once the internet goes down (internet down not wifi off) the device gets stuck and can’t reconnect to thinger server when internet is back. It doesn’t reconnect until I hard reset the device.
Any idea what should be done? It should be handled within the library not using a watchdog.


Hi, can you enable the Debug of the sketch and try forcing to down Internet? The reconnection mechanism should be covered…


This is what appears on monitor:

[NETWORK] Starting connection…
[_CONFIG] Mounting FS…
[_CONFIG] FS Mounted!
[_CONFIG] Opening Config File…
[_CONFIG] Config File is Open!
[_CONFIG] Config File Decoded!
[_CONFIG] User: ------
[_CONFIG] Device: ------
[_CONFIG] Credential: ------
[_CONFIG] Starting Webconfig…