Thinger server on rpi3b+


I try to setup server on small device. I try orange pi win plus and rpi3b+.
First it doesnt work and due limited support i resign from orange pi, and almost from rpi.
But after search I’ve found that mongodb in correct version will work on 64bit. Then I install Ubuntu server arm64. And then standard mongo distribution. after that also thinger.

And it install and start.

Is there any documentation abuout configuration file, because I try to change port and it doesnt work after change from 80 to 81. I must use apache2 proxy with ws module.

Hello @Robert_S,

First of all, apologize for the issues and the missing documentation, the old Maker Server has been discontinued and the documentation is being updated to the new instructions. These days we are working on release the new On-Premise servers based on Docker System, hopefully, it will be ready next week, so please stay tuned.

The new instances will solve all the last version problems and also includes a lot of new features such as plugins support for native NodeRED server, Sigfox, LoRa WAN and much more. Also, the deployment is going to be much easier. However, if you need to start working with Platform today you can login for free in the community server at or deploy your own server within minutes going to

Best regards