Thinger IoT Platform 5.3.2

Release Date : 04-07-2023
Component : Cloud Console
Release Note : Version 5.3.2


  • Widgets now have a “Show Offline” parameter to “turn off” the widget if the data is not recent.



  • Product API Response can now be sourced directly from a function.

  • Product API Response can now be sourced directly from an IOTMP resource.


  • Internal HTTP client stability.


  • Problem while counting active alarm instances on the menu.

  • Alarms not triggering notifications on creation when it has immediate activation.

  • Alarms not allowing to select hours as reminder intervals.

  • IOTMP with multiple property stream subscriptions.

  • Products not processing API Responses payload configuration, but returning just the original payload.

  • Input template params to Product API Request targeting functions not being correctly processed.

  • Plugins that require a MongodDB user to interact with the database fail to upgrade.

  • Dashboard widget settings being closed when removing widget background.


  • Widgets “Show Offline” is a VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT feature!!! It will provide an excellent user experience consuming information from the dashboards.

Thanks @alvarolb for this implementation.

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