meets IoT Hardware - PCB prototypes

Hello thingernauts!

We want to show you the latest advances about our hardware development. The “meteo”, is a little board that will provide enviromental sensing like temperature, humidity, pressure, light, CO, UV, etc., as built-in sensors in a ready to use board based on the ESP8266. This prototype board includes expandable connections to attach more devices through I2C, UART, or digital ports.

The following picture is just the first PCB prototype we working on, and it’s not fully assembled at this moment, but the layout will be too close to this one, with a size about 5x5cm.

In addition, we are designing some expansion shields that will allow the user to connect more IO ports, batteries, mosfet transistors and other devices like this two relays that are mounted on top of the “meteo” board.

We are working also in other boards for simplifying the IoT integration, like this one for controlling relays… Of course, all this hardware will be available as Open Source!

We will keep you updated!

Wow!! Cannot wait to see the final prototypes!! :blush:

It looks good. Wait for the finished one.