IoT Platform Version 5.3.0

Release Date: 19-06-2023
Component: Cloud Console
Release Note: Version 5.3.0


  • New Alarms feature :alarm_clock: (BETA)! A completely new solution for managing IoT alarms, which includes rule definitions, and alarm instances management. Some key features of the new solution:

    • Multiple data sources for configuring alarms triggering include data buckets, device properties, and device state.

    • Multiple severities: High, medium, low, none.

    • Independent activation and normalization conditions, including confirmations based on timespan or a number of consecutive events.


Alarm Rule Configuration

  • Multiple endpoint notifications on activation, normalization, or reminder., i.e., for sending an email, a message to mobile, etc.

  • Alarm instance management via Acknowledge, Shelve, Latch, or Clear, including reactivation timeouts and operator annotations.

Alarm Instances|100%xauto

Alarm Instances

  • Support for cloning almost any resource, from dashboards to data buckets, file storages, and projects.


Clone Resource Functionality

  • HTTP endpoints now support embedded NodeJS :technologist: scripts for custom payload processing when calling third-party services.


HTTP Endpoints with custom NodeJS Payload processor


  • The bucket list automatically refreshes the bucket state, i.e., when finish exporting or importing, which happens on a clone operation.

  • IOTMP proxies now work correctly with TLS endpoints.

  • HTTP over IOTMP now correctly supports WebSockets.

  • Resource list and navigation:

    • It is possible to change the maximum number of elements to display per page.

    • Page navigation/sorting is not reset after entering one element and going back to the list.

  • Changelog is now available at CHANGELOG - Documentation


  • Remove project properties and project roles from the database on project deletion.

  • The bucket field selector now displays an input text for manually selecting the fields if the latest values cannot be queried, i.e., when they are older than one week.

  • Double loading of HTML widgets when the dashboard is open.

  • Proxy configuration was not displayed correctly if the source was different than TCP.

Other minor bug fixes are being fixed until the release date


Hello, @alvarolb

Some functionality suggestions that would be interesting for the Alarm System:

    1. X Axis Alarm
      . Device that measures energy. When Off, the sensor measures 0 Amps. When turned on, the sensor measures 2 amps.
      . If device measures 2 amps for 6 hours straight, trigger alarm. (bucket data source)
      . If the device measures 0 amps for 10 hours straight, trigger an alarm. (bucket data source)
      This example is interesting for configuring alarms related to the X axis (which measures time), when a device stays on longer than it should, or when it stays off longer than it should.
    1. Configure the alarm by specifying the number of triggers per day (eg triggering up to 3 alarms) and the interval (alarm every 30 min) and the repetition period for triggering a new alarm sequence (every 24 hours).
      . Configured alarm (3 shots, with an interval of 30 min, and a repetition interval of 24 hours) to trigger if the water level stored in the bucket is below 200 cm.
      . If the level reaches 199 cm, the first alarm will be triggered (eg: 1:10 pm on 5/15/23). If the level remains at 199 cm or below, the second alarm will be triggered in 30 minutes (eg 13:40). If the level stays at 199 or below, the third alarm will be triggered in 30 minutes (eg 14:10). Then there is a pause in the alarm that will only restart after 24 hours. If the level remains at 199 or below, a new sequence of 3 alarms will be triggered from 13:10 on 05/16/23.
      . If before 24 hours the alarm level rises above 200 cm… and then drops to 199 cm, a new sequence of 3 alarms is triggered.
    1. Alarm if median of the last 5 bucket measurements are greater than 12.
      . This type of functionality prevents the alarm from going off with measurements caused by sporadic sensor noise. It would act similar to a filter to prevent unnecessary alarm triggers.
    1. Possibility to include a dotted line in the Time Series graph to indicate the Alarm level

If it were feasible, some of these fixes (issues) would help in the Alarm System, when using the Time Series widget:

And some simpler bugs that would be important to fix:

Thank you for these improvements on the Thinger
:clap: :clap: :clap: :partying_face: :partying_face:

Hello, @alvarolb

An important feature would be to synchronize the Alarm parameters with the Widget parameters.
For example, if a maximum and minimum value is configured in the Alarm for the Y axis, this value should be automatically synchronized with the widget (tarchometer, time series…).
This is to avoid manual errors or the rework of configuring the Alarm and having to configure all the widgets manually with the alarm values.
Synchronization between alarm value and widget parameters is ideal.

See this suggestion:


How do I update the version of my platform Thinger?

Hello @Marcus_Willian_Santo

Update is done automatically, during the beginning of this week all private instances will be updated.