IoT Platform Version 2.9.9

Date: 28/02/2021
Component: IoT Cloud Platform
Release Notes: General availability in a few days. Can be tested meanwhile from Beta Server with regular community accounts.

Additional Information


  • New widget “Assets Maps” for viewing all assets by type/group in map, with search capabilities.


  • New widget “Source Switcher” acting as previous template feature: allow to change the device/bucket within a tab.


  • Add support for disabling fullscreen button on widgets (@rin67630) .


  • Add an option in the shared dashboard settings to automatically update the permissions from the shared link.


  • Add support to modify min row height in dasbhoards.

  • Buckets can now support an asset type and group.

  • Add an option for setting asset types and groups for devices/buckets creation and from its settings/lists.

  • Devices can hold now a friendly name, i.e., a serial number, plate id, etc.

  • Support for creating new accounts (members and developers) without a password. The user will be required to initialize the password via email.

  • New page that allows the developers/members initialize their accounts passwords.

  • Support for multi-brand email templates and servers. Brands can now define its own emails templates and custom mail servers for communicating with users.

  • Added email template editor and mail server settings inside Brands section with options for template testing.

  • Add STARTTLS support in SMTP for old servers not supporting direct SSL/TLS connections.


  • Changed legacy email templates.
  • SMTP interface will correctly send the From Name.
  • Users without a verified email address, can verify it automatically after initializing/resetting its password (which requires an email).
  • All source selectors will display the friendly name of the resource, i.e, friendly name of a project, device, bucket.
  • Search supports now both search by id and friendly name in all resources.
  • Control Widgets (buttons/sliders) now supports mapped values (i.e., a field inside a resource).


  • Email communications when bucket export, clear, and delete succeed/failed.
  • Google Vector Maps by default in dashboards, as they were not enough performant.


  • Swagger API rendering problems. Now it is completely usable again.
  • Tachometer widget when setting major axis to 0 (@hjfosse).
  • Fix case search root resources (domains, hosts, brands, etc.).
  • Fixed an error while removing panel title and subtitle (not updating).
  • Cropped aggregation menu from charts widget when the chart was smaller than the menu.
  • Fix chart aggregation menu padding hiding right selector border.
  • Fixed some problems when loading multiple maps on dashboards.


  • Propagate websocket proxy error to caller in clustered deployments.
  • Asset types and groups are automatically created in the device/bucket creation (from API).
  • Updated OpenSSL version from 1.1.1h to 1.1.1j
  • Updated Boost version from 1.74 to 1.75
  • Updated mongoc version from 1.17.1 to 1.17.4
  • Updated mongocxx version from 3.6.0 to 3.6.2
  • Updated CryptoPP from 8.2.0 to 8.4.0
  • Updated MaxMindDB from 1.4.3 to 1.5.2