iOS app for iPhone

Will there be a iOS app in the near future? I looked after it in Apple app store but I’m unable to find one.

Not sure if we will have something in the near future, but for sure it is in the TODO list. The source code of the Android app is available on Github, so anyone can start the porting :slight_smile:

But if does not support TLS that would be a challenge. One could make an app but getting it into the store without correct SSL certificates… That won’t be a problem of course when creating it for the website, but if one would make it for one’s own server as an option too… supports TLS both in cloud and local deployments. For local deployments it is required to install the SSL certificate according to your domain, as any other web solution. Moreover, the API endpoints can eve be consumed over non-secure connections, so I cannot see any technical problem for releasing an APP to the iOS store. Just note that the SSL certificates are not bundled with the APP, it is something configured in the server and validated by the application (using the device trusted certificates store). Other thing is that you want to use over HTTPS using self-signed certificates, which is not feasible for a real deployment. In this case it is better to use LetsEncrypt.


Can you also point out on how to do that under thinger / Ubuntu core? I have experience with doing the same on Raspbian and ‘normal’ servers but Ubuntu Core is a little tricky since it does not seem to support things like apt-get.