can't be used for commercial connected product?

I would underline how many projects claim to be Open Source, when this is not
entirely true. Releasing an SDK or a Cloud Platform that can’t be used
for a commercial connected product (e.g Spark, Thinger) doesn’t make them a real os solution (in my opinion).

This quote is gotton from

How true is this that can’t be used for commercial connected product?


this is not true, as some companies are already developing commercial products with the platform. Here are two models, pay for a hosted solution, or install the server in your own. Installing the server is not yet available, but all is practically done for its release under Ubuntu snap packages (there are some posts in our twitter account about this).

Regarding the Open Source question, this platform started as Open Source, opening some key components like Android Client, Arduino Client, Linux Client, Protoson Encoding, and so on. The server is not open yet, and it will depend on the stability, the market, our business goal, and other factors.


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When will you be able to tell if you ever going to open source your product? My choice of platform highly depend on that, and I believed this would be open sourced for sure.

I would recommend you to remove the open source advertising from your website if no plan for the core product to be released under some GPL-like livense.

It’s as if Microsoft would claim they are open source because they have opened a few libraries on github.

I think the community would highly benefit you, no matter what business model you chose.

Kind Regards, Kristian

hopefully there is clarification on what components is open source , what components need is charged in the main page , and if you search “open source iot” , seems appear on the google first page