, arduino , GPRS

Hi All,

I see there is a library for connecting to with GPRS, but it seems to be dedicated to the
SeeedStudio LinkIt ONE board.

I want to access to with a simple seeedStudio GPRS board
(based on Atmega32U i.e. Arduino Leonardo).

Which library should I use to connect through GPRS ?


Hi, this library is not currently available. There is a library for the linkitone as it provides a good library that was easy to adapt. The seeed shield will require a more complex port based on issuing and parsing AT commands (at least for the last time I look on it). It should not be complex at all, but it requires some work. I must work on it, but I have too much work to be done before. Meanwhile, feel free to work on it if you want, I can provide you support in the process :wink: