Thinger Gateway based on Ethernet Only?

I have a TI TMC1294GXL Launchpad connected to my (IOT) WiFi Network. The ESP8266 node data is sent via the Ethernet port on this board for processing, . monitoring setting alarms etc, a sort of local IFTTT ?

Then a summary of the data collected is passed on to Thinger using a serial link and an ESP8266. The latter is a waste really as I could connect to Thinger via the same Ethernet connection to my 4G router.
My question is this…
Can I use the Ethernet connection as a ‘hub’ to collect data from my local net as well as the Thinger connection port?
I know Thinger times out if not responded to quickly enough but the processor I’m using is very quick. So can I use the Ethernet port for two tasks or will that interfere with Thinger’s Ethernet client?

Not sure If I understand your question. But yes, you can use the Ethernet for both thinger connection, as well as local network communication. In fact, we have used with success on ESP8266 (via Wifi in this case) one socket for thinger connection, and another socket for gathering information from a third-party service (weather service). So, the same should apply over the Eth.

Yes, your understanding is correct and I now have a prototype “Thinger” Gateway working. As you say I suspect one Ethernet Port is a Thinger connection, the other is to my local IOT network via a UDP socket.
Thanks so much for your hard work on an ever improving console. I particularly like the (recently added) " reverse" endpoints for sending commands back to a Thinger Node. This means I can now collect data on my Gateway and do IFTTT type logic based on several inputs from different sensors and then trigger the appropriate endpoint. This is one very capable system you have out there in my opinion