Thinger Android App. Problem of high response times

I have a response time problem of the Android Thinger app when reading the properties of a device (EPS32). In total I have about 100 properties; I divided them into groups containing between 5 and 15 properties, for each group I defined a device token and I added the groups on the app via QRCode of the tokens. Unfortunately I have very high response times when reading the properties of the groups, depending on the number of properties. In any case, even for very few properties, I have response times of tens of seconds. For a number of properties of 10 or more I have unacceptable response times, several minutes. How can I improve this situation? Thank you


Does this “lag” occurs by the web too, consulting the device’s api?

When this situation has happened to me, the issue sometimes is that the command thing.handle(); is not called so often, or there is another process that is avoding the frequent call of the command.

Hope this helps.

Thanks ega, I’ll try to modify the code to make thing.handle () call more frequently

An easy way (but not a sooo good practice) to sort this could be calling the thing.handle(); command in various places of the sketch, i mean if for example you have a loop that consumes a lot of time to get done, you can put the instruction into that loop, note that if there are not communication (a value to send, or a value retrieved by the cloud or the app) it wont take too much time, but of course it will take time if there are some pendant communication, have in mind this eventual time consumption into your code, if you add the instruction into some loops.

Hope this helps

Hello Ega, your suggestions were great, I tried and solved the problem of high response times on displaying properties in the Android app. Thanks so much!