Thing.call_device failing

I had worked on device communication using ESP8266 and MKR100 via thing,call_device with success. I restarted my project and now it is not working. Any hint on how to troubleshoot, debug this ?

Also I noticed there is a new type of end point related to call_device, does it require a new version of the IOT server ? I am running:

Name Version Publisher Notes Summary
thinger-maker-server 1.6.2 thinger - Internet Of Things Server

Thank you for the great work on the platform, and your support

Same here.
I tried a simple test setup about 6 month ago and everything was working just awesome.

Last week I wanted to use the function in our prototype and I couldn’t get it working.
I spend about 20h without success and had to use a workarround with endpoints.

I am also using thinger 1.6.2 but I am not sure if I used the same version for the test 6 month ago.

Hope we are able to use call_device in the near future, it was so great.

Best regards,

Are these problems related to local setups, or are you using the cloud deployment?

We are using a “local” deployment hosted on an Azure VM.
Calling endpoints is working fine. Also call device was working 6 month agos.