The execution model of the functions


I am new to this forum and first of all want to say I’m very impressed by this platform!

Also, if my question is RTFM, I apologize. I’m using a Raspberry Pi 3 and did not find much for this system.

I looked at the description for the Arduino systems and that got me going, but I’d like to ask for some clarification. It’ll be great if there is a write up already and if so, please point me to it, but if this doesn’t exist yet, any insight that can be shared is very welcome. In the worse case, I’ll dig into the source to try to find out :wink:

Basically I’d like to know when what gets executed. For example, I found that the call to set up the connection to the cloud console seems to be forked and run in the background. If so, is there a function for me to wait for this call to return and check the status?

More importantly, what does “thing.handle()” exactly do, and when is a “thing” executed? I get the impression each “thing” is executed a-synchronously and in a random order. If so, that has consequences for transferring data across “things”.

I don’t want to make this too long and stop here. Any information on this is much appreciated! Thanks!

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