Testing ThingerWebConfig


ThingerWebConfig library is really cool for configuring my ESP8266 device both in terms of WiFi SSID and device credentials but I have noticed a couple of things which I’d like to share here:

  1. Every time the WiFi connection is lost, for instance after a power failure or router reboot, my device goes in Access Point mode so in this case I must restart it in order to reconnect. I understand that ThingerWebConfig is using WiFiManager library adapted for thinger.io. In the above situation WiFiManager has a nice feature, you can set a timeout so the ESP doesn’t hang waiting to be configured:
    It seems that this function is not supported by ThingerWebConfig class (I have tried it).

  2. When my router for some reason disconnects from the internet my device hangs trying to establish a remote connection to the thinger.io server and never gives control back to my sketch. I suppose that the latter is a normal function of the ThingerWebConfig library but it would be nice if we could do something during this period like for example blinking a LED to know that the connection lost or reset the device. I am not sure whether the ThingerWebConfig supports it at the moment.


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