Tachometer widget crashes with "0" as Major Tick value

I accidentally put “0” in the Major Ticks field for the Tachometer widget. This causes the dashboard to crash before I’m able to change the value to a legal value. Is there a way to fix this without having to delete the dashboard and start a new one?

Can you access Settings from it?
If yes, can you open the developer Tab?

I just tested: it really crashes the dashboard with no way to get into the developer view.
This is a major issue. Hope Alvaro can fix it.
Meanwhile, is your dashboard probably lost.
In future, if you have a complex dashboard, you may copy the developer JSON content: that is a good way to restore/copy dashboards.

Thanks for the feedback. I will have to make a new dashboard. Should have copied the JSON content…

OK! I will fix the bug for next release! Thanks for the feedback :wink:

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