Suggestion: Generate QR Code for access without entering username and password

Hi, @alvarolb

I don’t know if this idea is viable, but I’ll write it down here.

Would it be possible to generate a QR Code that would allow a “Project Member” to access the Dashboard, without having to enter the username and password?

Something similar to sharing WiFi credentials with QR Code.

This would make it possible to place a QR Code in a location (eg: a company’s Surveillance Station), without the need to expose the user and password (eg: written down on paper or on a note board).
And with the possibility of setting a time for the QR Code URL to expire (if necessary).

NOTE: I know that it is possible to generate a QR Code from the URL when the Dashboard is authorized to be public. But, in the case above, I’m referring to the Dashboard of the projects that the “Project Member” has access with username and password.

As it has been reported that Thinger is revamping the mobile app, this could be an interesting feature, if feasible.

Hi @George_Santiago,

You can generate a token with authorization to reach certain project’s dashboard (and any resource at platform), what you would need to do is generate manually the QR code with the dashboard’s url + token appropriate combination, no need to link to a user login info.

Hope this helps.

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