Suggestion for improvement in Project User Management

Hi @alvarolb . Suggestion below. Maybe it will help to improve the Thinger Platform.

In the year 2022, very important improvements were made in the project management of the Thinger platform. However, Project User Management is somewhat confusing to me when it involves User Admin, Domain Admin and Developer.

Examples of what seems weird to me:

  • The “Developer User” can create “Project Users” (which is very nice), but cannot manage these users in the “User Accounts” screen. When trying to enter the screen with “Developer User”, an error is thrown: “Ooops! Cannot process your request. Error 403 (forbidden)”;
  • The “Developer User” cannot change (add, delete, modify) the projects of the “Project Users” created. Only the Admin User (who sees all users created on the “User Accounts” screen) can change (add, delete, change) the projects that Project Users are linked to. Currently, “Developer User” cannot change the email and password of the Project Users he created. Only Admin can make these changes.
  • The “Developer User” can add to your project a “Project User” created by the Admin
  1. This is something strange to me. Although I find it interesting that the “Developer User” can include in his project, other “Project Users” created by the Admin (or Domain Admin, or others Developers…), this inclusion should be previously authorized by the Admin. I identified this when typing the name of the “Project Users” created by the Admin on the project member registration screen. I was able to link a “Project Users” created by the Admin to the “Developer User” project)

  2. Also, some way is needed to differentiate when a “Project Users” is added in Projects with the same ID or different “Developer User” Name. Ex: “A1 - Project Users” added to project ID “001” of “B2 - Developer User” and project ID “001” of “C3 - Developer User”.

  • The “User Accounts” screen does not identify who (Admin, Domain Admin, Developer…) created the “Project User”
  • The “User Accounts” screen does not identify which projects the “Project Users” are linked to.

How I think it should be (in simplified form):

In addition to the Admin, the “Developer User” should also have access to the “User Accounts” screen, only viewing the “Project Users” that he created and the “Project Users” created by other Users (Admin, Domain Admin, other Developers. …), but which are associated with one of your projects.
The “Developer User” could change the projects (add, delete, change), the email and password of the Project Users he created.

I hope this post can help improve the Thinger Platform.