Suggestion: Flag the widget with "thumb down" when the bucket stops receiving data for a certain period of time

Hello, @alvarolb

The “thumb down” (or “dislike”) flag (currently adopted by Thinger) is very important to identify if the panel information (in the widgets) is up to date. This prevents the user from making a decision based on data that is out of date due to some problem.

The “problem” is that the “thumb down” flag is currently only available when the widget is configured with the font “From Device Resource”.

The suggestion would be to allow the widget to set the “thumb down” flag with the font “From Data Bucket”.
On the configuration screen (print below), there should be a setting to define the “thumb down” signaling. Ex: If new information is not written to the bucket after 30 minutes, signal “thumb down”.

This is a VERY important indicator for users (especially Project Users…) who are viewing the dashboard and reading and interpreting the data. By viewing the “thumb down” Project Users will know something is wrong and will interpret the data correctly.
As a Developer user, you can quickly identify if there is something wrong with: 1) Data sent from the Device to the Bucket; 2) If there is a problem in NodeRed, if it is used to save data in Bucket; 3) If the browser has not updated the data (this happens frequently when waking Windows from sleep/hibernate mode); 4) If there is any problem with the user’s internet connection

Hi @George_Santiago, thank you very much for your feedback. It is appreciated.

I’m sorry for not having enough time at this moment to answer all your suggestions. We are developing fast some other features.

However, let us centralize all these requests and issues on GitHub. This way, we can have better tracking there. I created an empty repository for the server (hopefully, we will release the community version the next year :rocket:), where we can insert all issues and have proper tracking. What do you think?

We can still comment on the issues and suggestions here but they should be created on the repo so we can review them easily.


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