STRATEGY : Multiple Device on One Bucket or one Device=One Bucket

I have many devices publishing always same values (200 Waste Sensor) Each of them is providing 8 variables likes waste level, temperature, firmware version, etc.
I have tested the publication into MQTT and NODERED to BUCKET. Everything is ok
The question I have is: Do I have to create 1 bucket by sensor, than many bucket to manage but easy to display on dashboard OR Do I have to create 1 bucket for all sensors, create a variable in the bucket with the deviceID and in this case, how to filter into a widget data from 1 bucket ? To be able to display only data from 1 sensor ?

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To keep order I guess the recommendation is to have 1 sensor in 1 bucket.

The idea to have all the sensor in one bucket helps in case you want to display cross data from one sensor vs other, more than that, I do not see it strategic.

And if you need to display specific variables from one sensor vs other (s), you can capture the specific values in node red and store in another specific bucket.

Hope this helps

Many thanks, the way data are store are Strategic in terms of performance. My basic understanding of iot.
I will create 200 bucket and see how it works

Sure, it would be helpful for the community to know your experience with that, if you are so kind to share it, it will be appreciated.

I wish you nothing but the best with your project.

Is there a way to automatically create the bucket ? Using HTTP, or NODERED or MQTT ?

Hi @fredericntt, we are working on improving such use cases, mainly to be able to have device hierarchies. So, we can expect to have a single data bucket for each defined Asset Type. Each entry in the bucket will be identified by its Asset Group (if any) and device identifier. So, we can later create dashboards with aggregated data for groups (i.e., total/mean waste by Country, City, Town…), or by its identifier. This will be very helpful for large use cases.

This development should be ready at the end of April. In the meantime, the approach suggested by @ega is correct. With this approach you can create a single dashboard for your buckets, and with the “Source Selector” widget you can easily switch between them.