Strange RAM usage behavior

Yesterday, my Host’s RAM (version 5.3.7) was reading 57%.
Today, Host (version 5.3.7) is reporting 32% RAM.

I did not make any significant intervention in my Host’s settings (I did not delete or add devices, buckets,… Nor did I install or modify plugins).

Any explanation for this significant change in RAM usage?

NOTE: When I updated the NodeRED plugin to the newest version, I noticed a change in RAM memory usage (from 45% to 55%).
Also, I thought it might be the Bucket Read node that was accumulating garbage in memory, but I wasn’t sure. Just a few hypotheses.

I commented on the change in my HOST’s RAM memory consumption (from 45% to 55%) after updating to version 1.5 of NodeRED.

Hi @George_Santiago

Besides hosting Thinger application and databases, servers also handle periodic and maintenance tasks, therefore seeing changes in RAM usage is not uncommon or pose a problem.
Besides common usages of RAM, a Linux operating system borrows memory for disk caching, to make the system faster and more responsive, and will give it back to any application that requires it.

We don’t consider this usage or the reported metrics as strange behavior, as we also haven’t seen any issues lately due to ram usage.

Best Regards

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Hi @jaimebs

Thank you for the informations.
Anyway, memory consumption at 30% is very good.