SSH on Raspberry3 hangs


when i connect my Sensor (ESP8266+DHT22) and the communication is established, the SSH conection to
Raspberry hangs. No Input is possible, only another Login to SSH witch hangs after login again until timeout or physicaly disconnect the ESP.

Does anybody can my explain what is wrong ?

What do you mean @todima? Are you running the stock example from the SSH? This will block the console, as you will see the program output by default. However, you can launch the program as a daemon.

the server is running as deamon.(Downloaded Raspberry Image).
The SSH and SFTP connection hangs only when i connect my Sensor (Wlan).
There is no echo on SSH until i disconnect the Sensor. After at about 20 sec. there is a ConnectionTimeout
on SSH.
As expl: I start over SSH the TOP to observe the free Memory. Everything works fine. Then i switch my Sensor on, the TOP (over ssh) stop work, 20 Sek. Connection timeout !

I use the ESP-Arduino Example from Thingerio Homepage.