Source switcher - a way to affects to specific Widgets in a tab and not to all widgets in the tab


I have one question about the switch source:


I wanted to ask you if there is any way that in a dashboard, when you have a switcher source, if I want to show in a widget of that dashboard a fixed information of a specific device that is not the one indicated in the switcher, could I show it? Is there any way to show that information of the device always regardless of the device chosen in the switcher? Or perhaps I explain myself in another way: is it possible to relate/group the switcher with X widgets so that, the filter only affects those widgets on that dashboard tab and not all widgets on the same screen?

Thank yopu!


I’m afraid this is not currently possible, we’ll look into adding it as a feature.

Thank you @jaimebs !

I would love to see this feature some day :slight_smile: