[SOLVED]Device state disconnected in the dashboard. Serial monitor connected (Arduino YUN)

Solution:Update thinger library.

Hello–I’ts quite an urgent question

I’m new here. My project hardware consists on Arduino YUN+ Motor Shield.

I created and account and one device in the thinger.io

Then, following the example, I code an arduino code. I connect YUN to WiFi, I run the sketch, and I get this message in the Serial Monitor:
[_SOCKET] Connecting to iot.thinger.io: 25200
[_SOCKET] Connected!
[THINGER] Authenticating. User: Myuser Device: MyDevice
[THINGER] Writing bytes 48 [OK]

I understood that this mean that it is connected, or not?

I enter in thinger.io to my account, go to devices, and device state appears as disconnected. Why? Is there something I should do that I am missing.

I have created two devices, and in both cases I have the same problem.

IDE 1.6.6 in Windows 7 Professional
WiFi access point my smartphone
In my network I opened port 25200. Any other port should be open?

I updated IDE to 1.6.12—no luck
I used a normal WiFi— I get the same result.
New update, from another smartphone connected to 4G I’m able to connect and authenticate. Why?? Both WiFi’s in both smartphones are named the same and with the same pwd.

What happens? I need some help, please!

Server problems?

Hi, After the writing bytes should appear an Authenticated! or Invalid username/password? does it appear something more?

The server is working fine these days. Bests.