Solution: Teensy 3.2 and SIM808: Can't connect to APN!

I just spend a day on a annoying problem.

I had a code that was working with a Arduino Due and a SIM808 GSM modul, using THINGER_TINY_GSM libary.

I compiled the code for a teensy LC and it worked right out of the box.

Then I switched to a Teensy 3.2 and nothing was working. The debug out put stoped at “Can’t connect to APN!”

After checking powersupply, changing GSM Modul etc, I noticed a option in the arduino IDE when the teensy drivers are installed: Their are optimization settings for the code: fast, faster, fastest, debug and smallest code.

I never touched this settings and it was set to “faster”. When I changed it to debug everything worked. Later I checked if it also works for the other settings and noticed that I only experienced the problem with the standart settings “faster”.

Perhaps this post will save somebody one day!

But nevertheless I still love this thinger project.

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Nice! Thanks for the info! Do you have any clue why in the “FASTER” setup it did not work?

Just for curiosity… What are you working on using GPRS devices?