SMTP setup for local server new

I’m writing to ask you for help with SMTP settings on a local server
I have this configuration:
“email” : {
“domain” : “”,
“type” : “smtp”,
“smtp” : {
“host” : “”,
“port” : “465”,
“username” : "",
“password” : “mypassword”,
“secure” : true

but I get an error, when I see the log it does not try to connect with the user there
it does so with "" which corresponds to:
user = web user
mining = id device (arduino)
when it should be
I do not know why that user takes
this is a part of the log:

2018-03-09T19:41:20.941495 info [Thing Connection] [mining@usuario] Calling Endpoint: prueba
2018-03-09T19:41:20.944010 info [SMTP] Sending email from to via SMTP server
2018-03-09T19:41:21.839365 error [SMTP] << 2 PLAIN-CLIENTTOKEN OAUTHBEARER XOAUTH
250 SMTPUTF8 (ERROR) Expecting code: 250
2018-03-09T19:41:21.839471 error [SMTP] Email could not be sent to via

thanks for your time


i have the same problem export my bucket, the log is identic, but my sender adress is not user.mining but

I think it’s the same problem, it’s taking an incorrect user when presenting to the mail server.
Hopefully someone from the community can solve our problem.

Hi, we are improving right now the email configuration to be able to adjust the sender address in custom deployments. It will be available in the next release (hope it is ready quite soon).

However, in our current setup, we were able to send over Gmail (although the sender is incorrect, gmail send the email with the owner account). We faced some problems with accounts that have two factor authentication, where it is required to generate an APP password:

Please, try to activate the log with debug mode to see what is happening in more detail.


Hi, I have the same problem.

I have created a new gmail account without two-factor authentication for my local thinger server but the server is not able to send the emails (same error than hlovisa).

Could you please provide details about how to configure an gmail account within thinger local server?

Thanks in advance

Best regards