Slider Widget Problem

I just recently noticed that some of the Slider Widgets on my Dashboards are not functioning at all. If you try to change their value they immediately pop back to the original setting, I have narrowed it down to the Sliders that have a Step Value less than .5.
It is not my code as the system has been functioning correctly for several weeks and I have not changed anything, seems to have started after the Thinger Upgrade.

Thanks, Len Hall.

Hi @LenHall, will take a look on it.

Hi alvarolb,
Any progress on this issue yet. If I need to make setpoint changes at the moment I have to hard code them and upload to the controller, not an ideal situation.

Len Hall.

Hi @LenHall, will take a look on it today!

Hi @LenHall, we have fixed it in the latest version released today. Refresh the browser and please, let us know if it is working for you :slight_smile:

It was a problem related with float precision when comparing the values to be sent to devices.

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Thanks Alvarolb,
It is working now.

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