Simple multiple ds1820 control relays

I have 4 ds1820 sensors a nodemcu and 4 relays.
Ive used Blynk but dont like the new version, so im here .
I cant find a script that compiles to do the job


I think that it is could be really difficult to find an already working sketch that fit any specially particular need with any current setup.

On other hand Im totally sure that with that lack of information we cant help you, if you are so kind to document specifically what you need to do, what have you done and where is the issue that avoid achieve your goal, it may help us to have a better vision from your side and see how we can help you.

The experience says that you can find better support by developing your control process in other forums (like then when you have your control/measuring tasks achieved, we can help you in the platform-device interactions development.

Hope this helps.