SIM900 & Arduino Hangs on and disconnects

I set up arduino & SIM900 to Thinger platform.
It works nice for some minutes.
After that, SIM900 seems to be working fine, but Arduino seems to be locked.
Anyone has some information or code to reset ardunino in such case?
Gilmar - Brazil

There is no confiable way to reset the arduino by code itself, i was thinking in a solution for this, to add a redundance, like arduino nano and communicate with the principal one, just receiving a square signal (writing high and low in an ouput), so when the nano doesn´t receive life signals by the principal (if states doesn’t change by 5 seconds for example), reset it by reset pin (high level by 1 second and its done), but this is just a though.

I recommend you debug by a serial console, so you can at least if the microcontroller hangouts or just the communications goes down.

Your suggestion is pretty good. I will try something like that and i will inform the results later.
In this meanwhile, message that i have got from Debug is as follows:
[THINGER] Writing bytes: 18 [OK]
[THINGER] Writing bytes: 18 [OK]
[THINGER] Writing bytes: 18 [FAIL]
[THINGER] Expected:18
[THINGER] Wrote:0
[THINGER] Available bytes: 14

At this point, only resetting arduino communication comes up.

Ok I don’t know what that messages mean (I guess because I’ve never used thinger’s debug) O.o

I’m gonna tell you how I develop my desings, first of all I develop the control strategy and code it, when it is ready for production, just at this point, is when I put the communication (to thinger or another platform).