Show dynamic properties of a device


I am trying to show some properties of a device. These properties can change dinamically. Maybe there are “scene1” and “scene2”, or maybe there are “scene1”, “scene2”, “scene3” and “scene4”, etc. Example:

	"scenes": {
		"scene1": {
			//More properties of scene1
		"scene2": {
                          //More properties of scene2
		"scene3": {
                           //More properties of scene3
		"scene4": {
                               //More properties of scene4

I want to show this information in I have tried to do it with AngularJS Directive. Adapting this example to my case: DASHBOARDS - Documentation

My problem is the next, with the HTML Widget, I have to indicate before in “Widget Settings”, in the “Selected fields” the properties that I want to show. In my case, that fields can change, maybe there are more fields or not:

I have tried to not fill that field “Selected fields”. But it is not possible (it is marked with a red border):

Does exist a way for doing this?

Thank you in advance!


Currently a workaround needs to be done to be able to select the full property value, in the field selection, select any field:


Then, in dashboard settings and developer tab, remove the mapping property of the widget and save:


We are currently making a change in the widget creation in order to not need this workaround.

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It looks like the new version of Thinger will bring interesting new features.

One of the new “Placeholders” may be in line with one of our suggestions:


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Thank you so much!

It works! :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Can’t wait to see the new features! :slight_smile: