Sharing dashboard link with credentials (login and password)

Hi everyone and hi @alvarolb .
I’m very happy that Thinger is growing up every day, and we as company are doing the same with this site developing our products. I’ve seen the last changes and really like it (also because i was asking for some of them :smiley: ).

We are developing dashbords to see data coming from our devices and, sometimes we need to share the link with our clients to show them what we are doing. The problem is that sometimes we would like to give to our clients a “sense of exclusivity” i mean with credentials (log in and password) so they can receive the credentials that allows them to see data and is not possible to share the link just by copy paste (easy way to share it to everyone). do you think is possible to develope this thing?

I also have a request for the app… do you think it will be implemented, or at least the website from the phone because it has problems (can’t move right or left, zoom out or zoom in, basically unsusable).

Thank you very much
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What are you asking is already developed in the medium (and greater) instances, you need to create a project, you need to add the dashboard to this project, and create a guest member and assign this user to the same project, in this way they will see just the resources shared to this specific project and they will need to login with user and password to access their profile.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you ega, that works for me.
But I have a problem with sharing only one dashboard instead of all of them in the project.
Unless I give the permission to read and list all dashboards in the project, the visitor account will have a 403 error when trying to list the dashboard.
For example, if I only grant the permission to dashboard 0002 as below, I cannot open it in the visitor account.

It only works if I update the permission to all dashboards:

Do you know how can I only allow the visitor to see dashboard 0002?

Hi Hans,

Please check at the top of the window a folder icon, there you will see projects availables for the current user, after selecting one you will see the shared resources.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Ega,

Yes, I select the correct project, otherwise, I cannot see the dashboard on the visitor account after being given the list and read permission to all dashboards. The problem is if I only grant read and list to one dashboard, I have the 403 Error and cannot see the selected dashboard. It also doesn’t work with the list permission to all dashboards and the read permission to the selected dashboard.