Share URL problem

Hey everybody,

The dashboard is working fine in my “admin access”, the graph and datas are correct and updated, but when I use the “Share” public address, I get : " Error Bucket “****” is not available !" with also the empty graph result.

Screenshots :
Public share dash board error


Hi, If you are adding more resources to your dashboards (like charts from buckets) after the first share, you should disable and re-enable the sharing, so the permissions of the underlying tokens are re-generated to match your current resources (devices and buckets). This is to prevent security problems, like exposing new devices or buckets automatically. This way, the user is explicitly enabling the sharing of the current resources.

Hope this help!

big thank you !

Hi, I have the same problem. I have tried disable and re-enable the dashboard share, however the external share shows me the error from unavailable data buckets. Find a screenshot. imagen. Thanks.

Hi, can you please share your access token configuration?

Hi, i have same problem ! disable and re-enable don’t work.

Acces token config

Dear, When I Share my dashboard occurs : Error 400 (tokens limit reached)

Any sugestions ?


Upgrade your account?

No. I try, but occurs a error with card. The don’t proceced. I write to Alvaro help-me with upgrade.

add access to bucket from , it will work

add access to bucket from , it will work
i had the same problem , and i solve it