Set alarm to send email

Hello everyone, can someone help me with information to configure an alarm? I have already created the endpoint, but I cannot create the rule so that it sends an email when the condition is met.


Check the related documentation →

Hope this helps

Hello ega, thanks for responding, what I need is to know how to configure the alarm rule fields to be able to send an email.
I currently have a connected device whose name is sensors, it has a variable called temperature, I have already created dashboard, bucket and endpoit, I just need to configure the alarm, as I have done so far it does not work.


If I’m not mistaken, in the last screenshot and in the conditions field, you should write something like Default.value.

Being Default the name you’ve given to the Data Source and value the object property to access the value of that Data Source. This is assuming that your property only contains strings or numbers.

If it contains a json object, you can keep concatenating the path to reach the desired values with .

An example: