Server Side Scripting


are you planning to support some sort of server side scripting? It would be nice to be aware of important events in my devices network. For instance:

  • if some variable of device X is above limit then call function of device Y
  • every 1 hour calculate average of variable from device X,Y,Z and save to bucket A
  • get maximum X value from bucket A => if the value is above limit then call endpoint B

I think it would not be so hard using V8.

Thank you,

You can make calls between devices, even of diferents accounts, for the first need that you post, the second can be done in remote too, the unique need that I see that you cannot do rigth now is the third, but I think it can be done on an external server, getting access to the bucket and after that make the call to the device, but this must be done at external server/device.


you are correct. BUT! Server side scripting would be much simplier => every change would not lead to flashing all devices… Also centralized code would be much more transparent… Anyway thank you for suggestion!

Yes! totally agree with you, if that is possible, is not necessary to modify every single remote unit firmware to make the calls, just set up the action and make the calls from the server directly, not from other device, my suggestion was made in order to solve any particular situation, but of course for general solution it would be nice that we can execute actions or even operations at server side, and take advantage of its calculation power.


Hello where i can find source code in server side ?


Hi guys!

This has been long discussed in the team, as it is very useful but can also put the reliability of the server at risk, however, in private instances where the owner is responsible for its infrastructure it can be interesting to put it on the table. We will discuss it, maybe we can introduce it in the 2021 development roadmap