Server Overload and Importing Issues

Hello, it’s been a while since I noticed that my private server has been completely occupied. The dashboards stop responding to queries to the databases, and even sometimes from the platform, the buckets don’t seem to be functioning. The bucket readings return a 202, and it doesn’t contain the information being queried (the data).

When I go to the host manager, it seems to be fully saturated. However, I only have a maximum of 20 connected devices that generate data every two minutes, and one or two devices that connect every 30 minutes and transmit 15 data points. Previously, the server was under 10% load most of the time.

It might be related to an ongoing ‘Importin’ job that has been running for several days. I have been trying to find a way to pause this importing or to delete these buckets (it’s showing an Error (400): the requested bucket is being imported), but I haven’t been successful. I think there might not be a method to do this yet :frowning:

I would greatly appreciate it if you could help me. This issue is causing me a lot of trouble

Hi @JoseSalamancaCoy

We have reset the status of the data buckets that were importing to normal so you can check their content and remove them if necessary. We don’t know why this happened but let us know if it happens again and try import one after another to avoid overloading the system.

Also, the load seems to be coming from the queries to the time series database, we guess that from the dashboards, so check that also, as when queries add up the database will overload and queue new queries, but doesn’t seem to be able to return in time.

Find attached a graphic of the load of your server in the last 30 day to help you analyze if something has changed during that period for the CPU load to rise.



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@jaimebs Thank you very much, the graph has been very helpful to me!!!

The Thinger server is now operating normally

Being able to obtain these system load graphs would be a great tool, perhaps in a bucket or from an API, if they have already implemented it, I appreciate you redirecting me to do it in our system

Hi @JoseSalamancaCoy

Glad we could be of help! The graph is part of our infrastructure monitoring which we actually integrate in console.

We do indeed have plans to release this feature soon as a plugin and with the possibility to monitor any Linux device/server. It should come at the end of this year or beginning of the next and will be published at this forum!

Helo, @jaimebs
We encountered the same issue when trying to clone an empty bucket (no data) to create another bucket.
Now, the status of the cloned bucket is always “Importing” and we are unable to delete it.

We encountered the same issue when trying to clone an empty bucket (no data) to create another bucket.

Just for Information if it may help: I did it several times on the maker server and got no issue.