Server is down?

we purchased our own virtual server through you guys at aws. Our URL is

It says the site is unreachable. How do we troubleshoot this?

ada masalah apa?
saya juga mengalami kendala, dashboard saya tidak mau muncul,
jika saya masuk melalui perangkat saya, bisa (dashboardnya muncul), tapi jika saya login melalui perangkat lain, dashboardnya tidak bisa muncul.

Hello, I was able to reach the instance to put the username and password, if you cannot reach it, maybe you have a problem with your firewall, try from your phone and mobile connection, not wifi, to see if the problem persists.

Hope this helps.

Yes it seems to be working now. something must have flaked out. I haven’t changed anything. Just didn’t know if there was a way to reboot the instance if we needed to or how to proceed when we have issue. This is the second time in ten days that this has happened.

Still having this same problem again. Anyone have any ideas on how to restart our service?

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There has to be a way for us to reboot this from our side?