Server Event node does not show its Assets

Hello @jaimebs

After upgrading to NodeRED 1.4.1 plugin, I found that the Server Event node does not show its Assets. Is it a bug?
Version 1.4.1 made changes to view Asset in Device Write node, correct? Will it caused a Server Event node bug?
I have a Server Event node in the flow and it’s working properly. But when trying to create a new Server Event node, Assets are not shown.

Other cases:

I don’t use Device Callback, but I identified that the node is not showing the Devices list.


Hi @George_Santiago

I can’t seem to reproduce your issue regarding the server event node, can it be something in your server configuration from Node-RED?

For the Device Callback node, keep in mind that is only used for HTTP devices, therefore it will not show other types of devices. Do you have HTTP device that are not shown?


Hello @jaimebs

Upon investigating, I identified that it is something in the NodeRED Plugin of one of our users. I tested it on another user, and everything was OK. Very strange. I did the STOP and START of the Plugin, but the problem continues. Maybe fix it by disabling and enabling the NodeRED plugin, but we won’t do that now. Let’s wait for a new update and see if the problem persists. Thanks