Sending data with python



I am trying to send data from my raspberry pi with an airpi attached to it.
I got the airpi set up, but basic examples are for xively only, which is depreceted.
I got the thinger linux client set up, but would like to write a wrapper around python for sending the data.
I do not have to much knowledge in c++, to reverse engineer the example code for sending data.
I could not find any documentation on how it is possible to send data into thinger through REST api, could you provide some data for it, or any any notes to give some guidance.?

Thank you


Hi @s4mur4i, there is no a REST api for sending data right now, as is conceived for handling persistent connections both for sensing and actuating. However, there will be in a future REST API for the bucket functionality that is in progress.

I recommend you to try using C++, and take a look to this examples using WirinPi:

We can also take a base code and modify it for sending the data you want. I can help you in this task!


Hi @alvarolb,

Thank you for your answer. I will give a go at writing c++ code, and sending data, something intersting and new to me. :slight_smile:
This is the base of the python version I am using:
and would like to create output to thinger, instead of depcreceted xively.



I am sure we can make a real-time dashboard for viewing Raspberry PI values, and in the following weeks also store them with the bucket features. Take a look to the dashboards feature at this video:

It should be quite easy to integrate with Raspberry if we are able to read sensor values through WiringPi. I would start a simple code using WiringPi to read the sensors you want to connect. It should be quite similar to Arduino. Once we are able to read sensors throught C++, then we can easily add this functionality to the code, were I can help you.

Let me know any progress you make, and I can help you in the progress :wink:


Hey ,

How are you Alvaro ?

I need help connecting my sensor to my via the raspberry pi 3 gateway. I need your help.

i am a newbie in this, and i have a project to submit on this soonest.



Hi @Tolu, can you explain in more detail your setup? What devices do you plan to use, what sensors, what is your goal, etc.? Cannot help if we don’t know the whole picture :wink:


hello @Tolu
i want to read temperature from ds18b20 sensor through thinger. can you help me ?


Reading temperature from a sensor?

What medium are you using ? A raspberryPi ?


yes Raspberry pi
i already programmed the board to control over LED remotely.
i just want to read the temperature from DS18b20 which uses 1-wire protocol through thinger


Hi @aqrawi, I am newbie of IoT but I am learning it. Can you please kindly share your code for LED remote? Thank you in advance.