Send mqtt topic from dasboard button

is it possible send mqtt topic (json string) from dasboard- button ?
so when there is event : “push button” starting to send topic with json string to mqtt broker .

on doc : is not clear there is only a row :

Publish messages with an identificator that is called “topic”. In this way, the devices can send data to the server.

the reverse works fine!
I get the data from mqtt by correctly setting the topic field on BUCKETS , i send from my device
a json data string → to topic setting on BUCKET

best regards

Hi @secur_lab,

If you work with MQTT we have new features on the platform for their support. We have a new BETA version available that includes a new feature called “Products”. In those products, it is possible to define Device APIs even for MQTT devices, so, they can be linked easily with dashboards, or other Web Services consuming the APIs.

If you want, I propose you a test. I can enable you access to the BETA version in our side, then, you connect the MQTT device, and we configure the product and a dashboard for using the button. So, you can get familiar with the Products feature until it is fully released and documented. Let me know if want to go further.

Best regards.