Send data through GPRS once and go to sleep

Hi all,
I’m currently discovering and it looks very powerfull and i’m sure it will fit my project needs.
For now, i have successfully connect an ESP32 with an embended sim800 and update data within a data bucket on regular basis.
What i would love to achieve now is a way of connecting to , update data bucket and close the connection fully and go for deepsleep (60minutes).
When i’ve tried , it connect succesfully but it didn’t stay enought time to update before going to sleep…
Any idea ?
Many thanks


When you say:

Why do you say that it? how do you determine that?

I’m thinking that what you want to do maybe can be achieved by a state machine using the thinger client, to verify that the device is authenticated to the cloud and then try to send the data, and then send it to sleep, controlling that each single step is achieved.

Let us know what have you done and what is the behaviour, use the debug and share the console response, this help us to think how to develop a solution.

Hope this helps.

First, many thanks for answering me .
It looks like i have forgot a very simple instruction call “thing.write_bucket()” , i was just using " thing.handle();" which is not enought to fire an update :slight_smile:
Nevertheless, thanks for your help and have a nice evening .

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