Send Basic Data from Pi to Thinger bucket


I am using a Sigfox to send real data from a sensor to a thinger bucket, for a college project. I want to use a Pi to do the same, but the data will be “faked” - just random numbers. This is just to provide a proof of concept to the project and means that the dashboard will look a load better come presentation time.

I just need a basic program to send from the Pi, via Ethernet, to the bucket. The values will be generated using a function to generate random numbers. I just don’t know how to write the code to connect to my bucket and send the value.


Hi @dt080b4

did you tried to compile the basic thinger client for Linux that is available in our Github? This code have a sample output resource that can be used to feed a bucket. You can compile it in Rpi, Mac, Ubuntu, etc.

Hope it helps.