Self hosted Server - server console locks up for 30 seconds or so

Hi, running self hosted server.

All going OK, i do need to sort SSL once i figure out how to change out with my real certificate, but i keep seeing this issue below. Not sure if its SSL related or one of my devices providing bad data,.

Issue is the console ‘locks’ up periodically… clicking on Devices, Dashboards etc, you just get the spinning wheel for 30 seconds or so, after a few refreshes and some time, then it can shows no devices, then refresh again and it comes right. also see this when using API Explorer, spinning wheel for a long time… yet in the background, from another pc, i can use curl to query other data OK (whilst the specific thing i am on in API explorer is still spinning). finally when it comes right, then its responsive as normal.

not sure if this is some ssl check and because i havent sussed my certs the issue is happening?

This problem is not related with SSL certs. Open the Chrome developer tools to see what query is getting blocked. Also check your host when that happens to see how the CPU is going. Never seen such kind of issues.

ah, good tip to look in chrome developer tools… thanks.

what I seem to have found is devices with a lot of resources seem to do this more than not… I have a device I’m working on that has 24 resources… if I comment out in the C++ so just exposing say 8 resources, I don’t have an issue,… if I ‘publish’ all 24, then I randomly get this message in the browser…

its like if I try and go in to a resource like a switch and toggle it before all the resources have been enumerated on the page (and display the switch), then I get this error in chrome console a few times.

XMLHttpRequest: Network Error 0x2f78, Could not complete the operation due to error 00002f78.

I know not all the resources have enumerated as you expand out the last resource on the page and the toggle switch is not there until it eventually loads…

I think once all resources are loaded, then everything is instant and you don’t get any errors/delays…

How are you defining your resources? if any of them doing some blocking operation? and what do you mean with “publish” all 24?