Self Hosted Server - Problem creating Buckets

Trying to create bucket from local hosted server.

Nothing suspicious in the logs, but the bucket does not appear on the web UI.

debug [Thing Connection] Handling Bucket Request. Bucket ID: cccccccc. Update: interval. Resource: millis Enabled: true
debug [Streaming Manager] [CREATED]
debug [Stream Handler] [CREATED]
trace [Thing Bucket Listener] [CREATED] [cccccccc@myuser] Min interval: 0
debug [Stream Handler Wrapper] [CREATED]
debug [Streaming Manager] Connected Streams: 1
debug [Streaming Manager] Controlling Stream [2295] Resource [millis] Enabled [true] Sampling Interval [60000]
debug [Stream Handler] The device request for the stream 2295 succeed!
info [Thing Connection] [ESP8266@myuser] Writing Bucket: cccccccc
info [Thing Connection] [ESP8266@myuser] Received Keep Alive!

Databases and collections are created. They even contains data and the count increase in thinger_data.buckets_data. Seems only UI related.