Scriptable decoder in ThingerIO

In case, using Lora or Sigfox Can I divide the values or multiplay it by 100 in thingerIo?

You can use NodeRED to achieve that.

I would also love to have the possibility to scale received data in plots…
Autoscale is confusing, having the possibility to enter a multiplier for every line of a trend would be fantastic…

If you think it can be done by NodeRED, Would you mind telling me how to do it?

A simple example will be like that:
You read every data written to your bucket, multiply the data by 100 in the function node, and then write it to a new bucket.


Thank you very much .
Would you mind telling me how to connect any IoT platform to NodeRED?
Which node should I use?

The sigfox plugin has a “Callback procesing” feature that allows you to make some operations before the data is uploaded to thinger.

The node red method is also valid.

There is not a method to connect any iot platform to node red a “universal method”, you need to check how the specific iot platform can be accesed by 3rd party applications and if there is a node that can work as the bridge between the iot platform and node red, note that by thinger there are specific nodes.

Hope this helps.